Sunday, September 13, 2009

Where to Find Joy

This is my son - Greg.
His mother constantly reminds me that he is probably the most photographed 1 year old in the entire world. To which I reply, "In the entire world? Maybe in North America or even in Kentucky, but the world?:) And then I think, "Yup. She's right. Greg, the most photographed child in the entire world." You see, when photography is your job (and a mighty good one at that), the pictures you take in your spare time have to be something that you can't live without, of something you cherish, of something you love.

But it is easy to love something that loves you unconditionally. It is much harder to find love in someone who was once a stranger. So meet my wife - Amber.
I often joke with Greg that the majority of his love for me is a genetic trait passed on by his mother. And so you see, when there are no families, landscapes, or events to photograph...I find the greatest joy in finding my wife and son behind my lens.

I am no expert in relationships and please don't ever ask me for dating tips or advice. However, when you are staring up into the stars and wondering...
where the "right" person is...perhaps that same person is staring right back at you...

through the reflection of the nearest star.

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